Collettive Voices: A Lobotomized Performance
March 2018

This work was completed in cooperation with Sara Bahermez and exhibited in the EMP Collective Gallery.

The human brain is the initial conceptual direction of this work. The human brain is composed of many parts with different functions. Some parts control the body, some parts control the thinking, others store memories, and some produce images, all of which are irreplaceable. During the discussion, we also were attracted by the case about women's rights a few years ago, thus combining the two different concepts.

The incident involved a Saudi woman who went abroad without a male guardian, claiming that her guardian, her uncle, wanted to find her and kill her. She sought asylum in Australia and was caught in the Philippines airport. She and her friends turned to social media for help. We made a helmet with a unique veil, and there were many holes in the helmet, connecting the brain and the ears, and we made a brain detector. We cut the video data and audio data of this event into fragments and connected them to different small holes on the helmet. When the brain detector is inserted into the hole on the helmet by the audience, the corresponding audio and video will be played in the form of projection.

这个作品与Sara Bahermez合作完成,展览于EMP Collective Gallery.


这个事件是一名沙特阿拉伯的女子在没有男性监护人的陪同下独自出国,她在社交媒体上宣称她的监护人也就是她的叔叔要找到并杀掉她。她向澳大利亚寻求庇护,在菲律宾转机时被抓。她和她的朋友在社交软件上寻求帮助。我们做了一带着独特面纱的头盔,头盔上有很多小洞,分别连着大脑与耳朵,同时我们做了一个“大脑探测器” 。我们将这个事件的视频资料和音频资料剪成碎片,连接到头盔上的不同小洞内,当大脑探测器被观众插入头盔上的洞内,相应的音频和视频将会以投影的方式播放。