Feeding Anxiety
Feb, 2020

This work is an interactive performance art, also involving sound and video. The audience use interactive devices to trigger and awaken the performers. This is not only a normal performance art. The audience indirectly participates in the performance, and the interactive installation serves as a medium for communicating between the audience and the performer. “The rise of the Internet and the success of the computer in the past decades were accompanied by a multitude of prophecies and it almost seems as if the media heartily enjoyed fueling both expectations and  fears – so was it just a hype? “We don't know, but it's spreading anxiety. Similarly, in the post-digital age, with so much information flooding into our heads every day, our attention will be distracted and who can stay angry? This work will bring the audience to experience the trouble and cure brought by the information age.

The development of the Internet, fast payment, facial recognition and delivery business has accelerated the pace of the society and greatly shortened the distance between different areas of the world. We are overwhelmed by the amount of information we consume each day, and algorithms filter the information we see based on our privacy and preferences and push it out to us. Cocoon house effect theorists believe that information is classified and the same type of centralized input makes the range of information we obtain greatly narrow, the original idea is that the algorithm will continue to release similar information will continue to strengthen and extreme. But algorithms and artificial intelligence are overrated, and they don't have the ability to keep humans’ mind in cages. In this work, three walls are projected simultaneously, showing three interlaced, related videos. The performers begin welding a light bulb at the beginning of the video loop in order to light it. Viewers can interact with three sensors spread across the room to light a light bulb on the floor. The light from the gradually lit bulb interferes with the performer's welding. Performers stop what they're doing and turn off the lights one by one. The video is a seven-minute loop, and frequent interruptions from the audience can cause the bulb to fail.

这个作品是一个交互的行为艺术,同时加入了声音与视频。观众通过交互装置来触发和唤醒表演者。这不仅仅是一个普通的行为艺术。观众间接地加入了这场表演,交互装置成为了沟通观众和表演者的媒介。”在过去的几十年里,互联网的兴起和计算机的成功伴随着大量的预言,似乎媒体热衷于助长对它们的期望和恐惧——这仅仅是一种炒作吗?” 我们不知道,但是这确让焦虑漫延。同样的,在后数字时代,每天大量的信息涌入我们的脑中,注意力将被分散,谁又可以保持愤怒?这个作品将带观众感受信息时代带来的困扰与治愈。