Nov 2018 

This work is about my experience of field recording in Canton Park near the Inner Harbor, Baltimore. Environmental pollution is a global problem, and noise pollution is also a concern. With the rapid progress of science and technology, human beings now live in a noisy environment. Some loud noises, such as installing an air conditioner in the apartment next door, the sound of cars on the road, and the friction of the city rail on the track, often affect people's lives and they will try their best to avoid them. However, white noise, which is often ignored or people become used to, has a subtle influence on the lives of this generation. Some white noise makers are the 'necessities' of life, like air conditioners and refrigerators, and we have to bear their invasion while using them. Close your eyes, turn off the TV, and listen carefully to the white noise in the air. In this work, I want to show the opposing sides of things. The water surface hanging in the air is sparkling, and the beach on the ground makes waves. However, a headset is placed below the water. When the audience wants to find out, they will realize that the beautiful sea hides the sound of ship engines and factory operations.

这个作品是关于我在巴尔的摩内港附近的Canton Park里户外录音的一段经历,环境污染是一个全球性问题,而噪音污染也同样是一个值得关注的问题。随着科技的进步,人类开始生活在一个充满噪音的环境里,一些巨大的噪音,像是隔壁的公寓在装修,马路上的汽车声,城轨在轨道上的摩擦声,这些巨大的噪音经常会影响人的生活,人们也会尽量的避免。但是,那些常常被忽视或者说已经被习惯了的白噪音且潜移默化的影响了这一代的人的生活。这些白噪音的制造者都是生活上的“必需品”,像是空调和冰箱,我们在使用它们的同时也要承担它们对生活入侵。闭上眼睛,关掉电视,仔细的听一下流动在空气中的白噪音,会发现这些“新物种”其实一直在跟我们生活在一起。