Ostrich Box
April 2018

It's hard to find an outlet to vent your negative emotions when you're stressed out. Ostriches bury their heads in the sand when they see danger coming. They think that they can escape from danger by not seeing it. Humans would think that ostriches are just deceiving themselves. However, the ostriches’ method, a kind of AQ spirit-satisfied method, effectively alleviates the pressure from the outside world. To create a "shelter" is the original idea of this work, which is not to protect people's bodies from harm, but to protect the spiritual world of mind.

The ostrich box has a soft hole on one side where viewers can stick their heads into the box. The box is made of a silky wooden board and soundproof foam. When the audience puts their heads in the box, all the light will be blocked as well as all the white noise. It is a wonderful experience. Three recordings of the natural sounds in a park are played around the heads of the audience with three small speakers. This three-dimensional tranquility helps the audience get a moment's peace.